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Saint Petersburg, FL

USG50 Warning 150 do not enable IP/MAC Binding

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I was setting reserved address for my new WD TV Live media
server and my audio/video receiver earlier today. I saw that Enable
IP/MAC Binding” was not set so I enabled it for both LAN1
and LAN2.

My WD TV had a reserved address on LAN2. It is now
on LAN1 so I wanted to reserve its LAN1 address. When I turned
on the WD Live I got “Error Message Loading” and
the USG was locked up (no response to HTTP, Telnet or SSH and
no Internet access).

I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it was
still locked up. I tried a short press of reset and it was still locked

At this I remembered the Zywall 5 long reset and pushed reset
until the system LED started blinking. This unlocked it and set
everything to factory defaults.

Lucky for me I had made a backup two days ago. I reloaded the
latest firmware (just in case) and restored my backup configuration.

I did not enable IP/MAC Binding.

Without Binding enanled it would not allow the WD live to have a
reserved address on LAN1 and LAN2 at the same time so I
removed the LAN2 reservation and was able to reserve the LAN1 address.

I don't know if you can avoid the reset by using the serial cable
because I don’t remember where I stored the serial cable.

I have decided if I can’t find the cable I will buy another one.

In either case I need to get a USB to serial adapter for my notebook PC.

I consider this be a nasty bug. I suspect it is common to the USG line.

If the factory reset procedure is in the manual a search on reset doesn't find it.

What is the procedure for reporting bugs?
Jim Anderson

I hate Vogons
Burlington, ON
So powering off WDTV and rebooting USG didn't help?

You really need to get the serial cable. There's always console output during boot and you can get useful hints to what's wrong. Also you can login and restore previous config.

Sarcastic Llama? Naw, Just Acerbic
Dartmouth, NS
So are you trying to reserve the same mac address on two different LANs. Maybe thats illegal and causes the router to freeze. Perhaps it should also tazer the owner for attemping illogical setups. Also clear any browser caches when you get errors its what I discovered when I accidently changed some default FW rules which one should never monkey with.

Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to Brano
I think I found the serial cable. It is beige, about 3 foot long and has a 9 pine male connector on one end and both 9 and 25 pin female connectors on the other end.
Jim Anderson

Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to janderso1
I emailed a detailed description of what I did to Zyxel support so that they would have something to read. After reading what IP/MAC binding does I don’t actual need/want it.
Jim Anderson