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Loudon, TN

Slow Speeds WildBlue Says It Is Me

I have had WildBlue since September, and have had yet to have speeds more than 6mbps dl speed. Right now, I am only getting 3mbps dl speed. I pay for 12mbps. I have called and talked to them MULTIPLE times about this. They insist that it is on my end. These are the things that I have done to try to fix my end:
Disabled ALL firewalls
Cleaned up Temp files
Cleaned all malware with Malware bytes and Glary Utilities
Ran Anti Virus scans (AVG)
I am currently connected directly to the modem
Tested different browsers (Chrome and IE)
Disabled all other applications that could be updating their software in the background through local services settings on computer

What else should I be looking at? Could it really be my computer and now my satellite, or modem?

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY

When you've followed all their suggestions and still get no satisfaction, the next step is to request that your case be escalated to a higher level of tech support.



Loudon, TN
reply to bjett

Okay, I will have my husband call. They should have just helped me Also, I just hooked up my work computer directly to the modem. My work computer configured by our IT department at work (Where I get fast dl speeds) and I also got a under 3mbps dl speed. I can't see how it is my computer as they are stating.


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said by bjett:

I have had WildBlue since September, and have had yet to have speeds more than 6mbps dl speed.

Based upon what speed test?

testmy.net is the one to use...


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you should use a different computer to confirm your download speed results....then you can at least rule out the computer if the speeds are consistent.....if both computers get the same download speeds, i'd then suspect it's your equipment install....most slow/unstable connections are due to a poor equipment install......exede 12 is really an amazing service, but too many people get bad equipment installs and then blame exude.....call your installer and tell them you're having problems



said by imanon :

you should use a different computer to confirm your download speed results..

Also, hook direct to SB2 modem.

A relative of mine had an ASUS - RT-N66U shoot craps within month...routers do fail.


Decorah, IA
reply to bjett

Its like most other Internet Services so there will be times when it slows and speeds up,Best I have gotten here is 3 mbs anyway No matter what I do.


Goodwater, AL

Keep in mind that WB and Exede have several different plans, depending on where you live and what satellite you are on.

The max speed for Legacy services (Value, Select and Pro Paks) is "up-to 3mbs".

The Exede-5 plans share bandwidth with the Legacy customers and have "Up-to" 5mbs.

The Exede-12 customers are the ones on ViaSat-1 and have speeds "Up-to" 12mbs, but typically are much faster than that.

Please include which plan you have when stating a problem or question.
Exede12, ViaSat-1, beam 342, Albuquerque Gateway, Denver AcceleNet servers

Exede Zac

Davenport, IA
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Can you please send me an email with your name and phone number to exedelistens@viasat.com.
I will be glad to look into your account and see what we can do to boost your speeds. Thank you.