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Plano, TX

Using Westell as a bridge disables Actiontec Ethernet WAN

I'm trying to help my neighbor configure his spare Westell as a MoCA bridge. I've done this at my house without any problems.

His primary router is an Actiontec rev. I with an Ethernet connection to his ONT.

We've configured the Westell with a static IP and disabled DHCP. We've also configured the coax connection for LAN instead of WAN.

When we connect the Westell to the coax and connect a PC to an Ethernet port on the Westell everything on the LAN can connect to everything else, but the Ethernet WAN connection on the Actiontec drops. Disconnecting the coax connection on the Westell allows the Ethernet WAN connection on the Actiontec to reconnect after a few seconds.

I've verified the settings on his Actiontec and they are the same as mine. Any idea on something I might have missed?


Plano, TX
My neighbor found the problem. I'll post the solution tonight after I talk to him some more to find the setting(s) he had to change.


Pomona, CA
I might be wrong, but I think the Rev I is the issue... Bridging has been a problem. So i would love to hear the fix.
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Pomona, CA

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West Chester, PA
said by antioch:

I might be wrong, but I think the Rev I is the issue... Bridging has been a problem.

Settings for using a Westell as a MOCA bridge are primarily in the Westell. There are no "bridge" settings required in the Actiontec.

However, there are two settings that need to be changed in the Actiontec.
1) Change the default DHCP range in the Actiontec so that the Westell can be assigned a static IP address without conflicting with DHCP addresses assigned by the Actiontec.
2) Disable IGMP proxy (rev. I only) to allow MOCA, LAN and wireless devices to see each other.
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