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You Suck Frontier...

Dear Frontier,

Fix your crap.

All day my DSL swings frequently from one extreme to the other, sometimes within seconds and mostly to the lower. Before I had to plan my day around high congestion times to take care of business and now its a guessing game. Long waits, frequent disconnects, high latency, low speeds and errant routing through your network.

My setup is at it's most optimum to receive your service, so it isn't me Frontier it's you. It's time for you to provide your end of the contract and fix your crap.

I know you guys read this forum. You might not care at all about your customers and might even get off on our misery but for a company that gets financial assistance from the government I thought that service would be somewhat stable and acceptable to keep the gravy train rolling.

You guys make yourselves into a bigger mockery everyday. For a service company you guys need to really reread the economics definition of a service.

Your lucky your the only service in town. Well, maybe not so lucky if your customers will need to start drawing the attention of the media to get their problems fixed.

As soon as cellular data connections become an viable economic choice your company will hemorrhage customers.

Fix yourself at least for the little reputation you have left for bringing internet to rural America.


Pissed off Customer

P.S. Fix your crap.

FTR Tech

I am sorry to hear that you have been having problems with your service.
I cannot determine your location at this time so I cannot give you an estimated date as to when your specific area will be updated. I can however tell you that Frontier Communications has budgeted a very large sum of money to update our equipment across the board. From what we have been told the upgrades with start with the network backbone so as to better support our network as a whole which will then better support the end user i.e. you the customer.
If you have the time a call into our helpdesk would help both us and you immensely. One of our techs can determine your location, test your line and set up a repair ticket to get a tech out to fix any issues that you may have. The frequent disconnects and slow speeds could be from either a bad line or a bad modem but that would be easier to pin point with a little more investigating and trouble shooting.
We have three call centers located on the east coast and two in Texas, combined these centers work 24/7 to make it easy and convenient for you to contact us. 1-800-239-4430 will get you to one of well trained technicians who would be more than happy to assist you in determining where the problem is (modem or line) and getting it fixed in a timely manner.
Again I apologize for the problems that you are having, I just hope you know that we are here to help.


Grass Lake, MI
·Frontier Communi..
FTR Tech, I take it you're a Frontier tech support employee, here to help us?

Is there an ETA on the resolution of the congestion problem here in Michigan in the Muskegon area? The local tech supervisors gave me a window of late March to early April. The issue really becomes a problem on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays after 1PM it *really* bogs down.



Apple Grove, WV
ive been being told since December that the "congestion" issue will be fixed by End of March, yesterday i called and NOW not till End of April. ALSO they lowered my speed to "fix" the issue... the issue isnt fixed and now they reprovision me back to 3 megs im sick of Frontier... their Customer Service is a JOKE get away get far away if you can!!