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Re: [TWC] TWC NYC (Manhattan) slow speeds during peak hours

Utilization? Guess someone could be hogging bandwidth at odd times. Could be an issue with return signal, snr, or modem frequency. The doc 3 modem bonds to multiple freq. At once. Might look at the modem log to see the levels. Power should be +6 at highest and -5 at lowest. Signal to noise between 32 and 38. Return no higher than 54. Perfect is pwr-0, snr-36.6, ret-46. Being an apartment prob. High return, low power.


New York, NY
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Download speed yesterday and today (times in UTC)
I wish I could access my modem stats and logs. Sadly, they lock us out of them in NYC. It's for our own good I'm sure...

Meanwhile, my connection is still experiencing the same issue, like clockwork between ~8pm and ~1am every night, and also during the day on weekends. Given the regularity of the pattern, I still feel confident it is related to utilization.

Attached is a graph of download speed all day yesterday (Sunday) and today. I'm currently in the trough, at ~0.5 Mbps.


New York, NY
Why not buy a D3 modem/gateway and save the monthly rental fee? Then you could access your modem stats and logs.