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San Jose, CA

What is your favorite...

Gaming keyboard and gaming mouse?

I'm thinking of a razr naga (coz all the programmable buttons). keyboard, I have no idea.. someone is selling a steeltech shift for 35$. So, I might just get that coz I'm cheap.

Cubs 20??
North Aurora, IL
I've been sort of looking into this subject recently with my new build and it seems like a lot of users don't like the Razer stuff because it isn't built as solid? I just picked up one of these since it was on sale:
»www.ttesports.com/products/produ ··· 28&g=ftr

I also like the look of the Corsair stuff, but they charge a premium for it


Chicago, IL
reply to ohh
Ive always been a fan of Logitech. I have been using the Logitech G500 mouse and the G15 keyboard for along time and dont have any complaints of either of them.

Although the G15 Keyboard is older and harder to find the newer G510 is similar.

I also use the Logitech Performance mouse MX at work and although it is not listed as a "gaming" mouse I think it would be a great mouse to use. The thumb buttons are great.

Belen, NM
reply to ohh
I really dig my Ideazon Zboard Merc.......which is now owned and manufactured by Steelseries as the Merc.

»steelseries.com/products/keyboar ··· ies-merc

I've had mine for around 5 years and it still works perfectly. The gamepad on the left of the "normal" keyboard takes some getting used to, but after playing with it for so many years, I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a regular keyboard or even something like the Logitech G15.

As for mice....I had a Logitech MX518 for several years until it finally started acting up and then I replaced it with the Logitech G400 which is basically second generation of the MX518.

»www.logitech.com/en-us/product/o ··· crid=825
I'll be stretching out the rhyme like gravity stretches time.


San Jose, CA
reply to Xentoch
Thanks! I might trade a random keyboard for a g15. The guy just wants a normal sized keyboard now that he doesn't game. Yay for craigslist (assuming his keyboard isn't fucked).

Ukiah, CA
reply to ohh
For keyboards, I'm quite fond of my Das Keyboard (blue switches), although I wish it didn't use glossy plastic. I also love my IBM Model M at work, although I don't game on it . The Das is probably not the first choice for most people for a gaming keyboard, but I value the tactile feedback and sound more.

My favorite mouse so far is the Logitech MX518. I've since replaced it with a G500 as it started having issues, but I haven't quite warmed up to the G500. My biggest complaint is the cord, I dislike braided cords and it still hasn't straightened out (I flip the mouse over back and forth every couple of days to try to undo it). The MX518 still works for the most part (left mouse button is iffy), so I've kept it as a spare.

Thanks for posting the link to the G400 ironweasel See Profile, I didn't know that it was around. Pretty funny that the box mentions the MX518.


Hammond, LA
reply to ohh
Logitech G600 MMO mouse
Razer Black Widow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

reply to ohh
Standard 104 key and a generic laser mouse with a decent DPI.

I just don't find the features offered by the gaming gimmicks to be very useful other than wasting money.

Saint Paul, MN
reply to ohh
Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510 with Logitech Gaming Mouse G500.

I would have a hard time adjusting to a keyboard without the 18G keys. I really only play World of WarCraft and have them configured to do everything I need. For the few times I want a different configuration I can switch to one of the two alternative bindings.

About once a year or so I have a beverage incident, so I have two refurbs on the way as I just coffeed my last one and am using my spare now.
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Pleasant Hill, MO
I use logitech g9x mw3 edition, it can be had for about $40, about $15 less than the non mw3 edition for what is(save for the mw3 logo) the exact same mouse.

»www.amazon.com/Logitech-Programm ··· 01NTFATI

Don't have a gaming keyboard yet, still looking for a good mechanical gaming keyboard myself.