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[TV] FIbe Tv - No signal - all lights flashing

Hello all

Seems to be something of a baffling problem. Hoping that someone could have some insight.

I just had Bell Fibe TV installed on Saturday evening. Everything worked great.

I recorded the F1 GP on my PVR. I got up early Sunday morning to watch it. About halfway through the recording, the screen went blank, and I got a "No Signal" message on my TV. All lights on the receiver started blinking. When I go to the list of TV inputs I see that the one HDMi connection is flashing as well and I cant select it. The light on the cable port behind the modem, going from modem into receiver is not blinking showing that there is no data transfer from the modem to receiver.

Corrective Action:
1. Checked Connections
2. Tried a reset
3. Called Bell - the tech checke everything - all seems to be working OK
4. Checked all ports - Both HDMi ports and AV ports working (tried with other cevices)
5. Reset Modem
6. Called Samsung - did a system rest on the TV
7. Called the guy who installed the system. He arranged to swap out the receivers.
8. I even tried swapping out HDMi for an AV connection
9. Internet working well. Am able to Browse and stream to Netflix

Nothing that I do makes a difference, the same problem persists even with a new receiver.

I'd appreciate any insights. Hopefully I can get a tech out to have a look.

Many thanks


Stittsville, ON
You called Bell tech support, and they declared that everything was fine and closed the ticket, when you had no video on your TV screen?

Call them back. It sounds like your PVR is stuck in a reboot cycle, if all the lights are flashing. That's not likely to be something that can be fixed without replacing it.


Thanks Taraf


reply to drn74
1) pull power cord.

2) with your right thumb hold down OK and DOWN arrow together

3) with your left hand plug power cord in and immediately hold power button.

Hold that way for a bit. Keep holding. Hold some more. a little more. Almost there.

4) ok release your right thumb from the receiver.

look at the screen. Do you see a big gear?

5) release power button

is the progress bar moving along the screen under the gear? good!

6) go have a smoke/coffee

7) are you watching tv yet? if no, your receiver cant be resurrected.

if yes, well, good!
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Thanks a mill for that. I'll give it a whirl when I go home today. I have a Bell tech coming out so lets see what he can do as well


We have arrived at a solution. Bell tech came out yesterday only to find that the problem was a faulty power supply.