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New York, NY

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Re: [Parts Check] Quickest failure?

If I remember correctly I have never damaged a component or PC in all my years of working with them.

I've been fairly lucky with random hardware failures and mostly only had a few DOA (like system RAM for example). I consider DOA something of a mixed blessing rather then something failing out of warranty.

My most recent hardware failure was the PSU for my old HP EX490 MediaSmart Windows Home Server (v1 PP3) which was up to about 20TB of storage when it went down. An actual HP PSU replacement from a similar server would have likely cost me well over $100 USD on e-bay so I opted for a cheaper SFX PSU and had to change the pin-out to match the HP proprietary configuration.

Works fine now and all is well. I had the server for years on 24 / 7 without issues before this incident. I bought it in early 2010.



I remembered that I bought a ViewSonic N3250w 32" HDTV (my first) back in 2006:

»ViewSonic N2750w 27" or N3250w 32" 16:9 8ms HD LCD

It died just out of warranty,...

This Viewsonic model and some similar ones seem to have a known problem with power supply failures. I opened it up and found (as expected) that there were a number of bad capacitors (about 6). I replaced them but it still didn't kick over. I never got around to checking the work. I'll take another run at it though.