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Port Orchard, WA
·Wave Broadband

[Qwest] A few questions about Centurylink DSL

Hello, I live in East Port Orchard, Washington, and was wondering a few things about my DSL.

1. Why is my 1.5Mbps DSL never going past 1.30Mbps?

2. I have waited 5 years for Qwest/Centurylink to upgrade their system to fiber-optics. When I first got my DSL 5 years back, they told me they were upgrading to fiber that summer. Well they were obviously wrong. When I had a tech out to fix reliability problems in my home's wiring (1970's wiring), he stated that the wires run under the freeway on-ramp and under another different state highway, and thus required special permits to put in fiber. When will they finally put in fiber?

3. I am confused, as a remote DSLAM in my neighborhood (closest to my house) says on a sign by it "Centurylink high-speed internet just got faster", but I don't have faster speeds available at my house, and it looks like there is another DSL box on the same road, but farther down it, on the other side of highway-16 (only about 0.5 miles away from the other DSLAM) is not any faster.

Additional information from modem (Actiontec PK5000):

Downstream Upstream
SNR: 31 dB 17 dB
Attenuation: 20 dB 11 dB
Power: 13 dBm 9 dBm

CO code-name: PTORWAFE

Smokeping test link:
»/r3/smokeping. ··· 46&r=167

Thanks in advance,


Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR
1. Because they lie on their advertising, most US telephone companies do this. I agree that they should advertise 1.3 Mbps if that is all they can provide.
It is like buying a 2 litre bottle of pepsi and it containing 1.73 litres inside 'because of the overhead'.


Winfield, AL
reply to bmccoy
You can try fighting with online support (I used chat) to try to get them to raise your sync rate. When I was on 1.5 I got just a bit over that because my sync rate was over provisioned at 1789/319.
10,000/768 CenturyTel PPPoE DSL line (for real this time)


Port Orchard, WA
I'll probably try that idea - if possible. Thanks.

And again, with my old phone wiring, does my current wiring support higher speeds? (1970's, non-twisted 2-pair wire)


Las Vegas, NV
·Embarq Now Centu..

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reply to bmccoy
Your transmission status indicate that your line can handle much higher speeds. I have CenturyLink's Pure Broadband 10M/768K ADSL2+ service. My stats:

Downstream Upstream
SNR: 12.7 dB 20.6 dB
Attenuation: 32.5 dB 17.0 dB
Rate: 11773 kbps 891 kbps

Your all important attenuation numbers are much better than mine.

There may be some other equipment limitations (too many customers watching Netflix movies and not enough bandwidth serving the DSLAM) preventing CenturyLink from offering greater speed, but the line between your modem and the DSLAM is not the factor limiting your DSL speed.


Port Orchard, WA
·Wave Broadband
Lol, maybe the 1970's redneck wiring isn't too bad, I thought my home was built by the three stooges when a plumber said that they forgot to glue the drain line pipes and there was a fountain of poo underneath my house


Houston, TX
reply to toby
IIRC the speeds sold are DSL line speed. DSL has overhead of around 18%.

In most cases, CLNK provisions DSL a bit above the BBCOS to allow for that & other anomalies.


Phoenix, AZ
reply to bmccoy
Call and ask what can be had at your address on a "business account" then do not stop nagging them until they give that to you on a residential account.

According to CenturyLink, i was only able to get 20/896 at my house on VDSL2, but on a business account i was able to get 40/5 from the same node. I escilated and low and behold i am provisioned at 40/5 at $44.95/mo for a year (with a contract, but that's fine)

once i got the old security system and other jacks off the line, i sync at 40.127Mbps/5.076Mbps no problem and the link has been solid for two weeks.