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Burnt Out Cynic
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Re: [Parts Check] Quickest failure?

A brand new system I looked at had what appeared to be a functional motherboard, but was malfunctioning. Cables were fine, but it never actually would boot any device on the system, hdd, dvd, or usb. Instead of the company just replacing the system, the company sends out a technician who apparently didn't know the difference between a pci express x1, and a pci slot. They didn't connect all the power plugs into the motherboard before connecting the power to the psu, and killed the new motherboard right there. This new motherboard wouldn't even enter the bios, and barely provided a post screen after the missing power cable was connected. I told them to demand the company replace the entire system now since this dumbass could have damaged far more than the board. They had to wait another week for them to rma the entire build.

I hate package systems. The lazy screwups didn't make sure it actually worked before they shipped it out, they just did a limited mobo post test, and connected a hdd with a image.
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