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Sub-Con sales rep stopped by to sell me unavailable service

I was just curious if this happens often or if it is just me.

I live in a brand new community in Hermitage (Nashville Area) TN. I have tried for the two years we have lived here to get U-Verse installed since we had it at our old address and really liked it.

Last June we were informed by email that we were green for U-verse services and set up an installation. We were then told we weren't green yet but would be soon. Two weeks later we got a call to reschedule installation. Made an appointment only to be told again we were too far from the VRAD.

At that time we were told they were going to be running fiber to the curb in our area but it had not been done yet.

Today one of AT&T's sub-contractors came out to ask me if I knew U-verse was available in my area and sign me up. I asked her if she was sure since I hadn't seen AT&T's trucks out digging to put in fiber lines, and I know the route they will be following and doubt they could install without me knowing it. She said she would check and swing back by. My address was the only one in our neighborhood on her list, which made me wary.

After she left I checked the online tool to "Check Availability" and it showed still unavailable. So I called and was told "it might be available in a few weeks". When the girl came back she told me that she had found the same thing but she would be happy to put in an order for me to see if it pushed through.

Since my wife was pretty pissed off through the ordeal in June I don't want to go through another installation appointment if we are not 100% sure we are going to get service this time, so I didn't sign up. Well that and the fact that the girl's quotes were all over the map and kept going up each time she got out her calculator.

She seems to think she can contact her AT&T liaison and magically get me pushed to green and contact me in a few days. Would they be sending out sub-contractors because they expect to turn us green in the near future but it isn't on yet? Do I have some new hope after years of dealing with Comcast?

Your knowledge and opinions are appreciated!


Union City, GA

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Those sub- contractors don't know anything. Their main objective is to get you to sign up so they get commission. They will sell you the sun, moon, stars, and everything between to get you to sign up for a service that isn't available. Don't believe the hype.


reply to MikeTN
You will not see any trucks placing fiber to your house.The existing copper is used.


united state
said by tigerpaw509:

You will not see any trucks placing fiber to your house.The existing copper is used.

Not completely true. ATT Uverse does have FTTP, but in very few communities. Mainly newer developments
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Nashville, TN
I've been waiting for AT&T to light up U-Verse in the Donelson area for quite some time as well. At first they went all through the neighborhood, to find out we were too far.

Last time I check (about 1.5 years) there was "pending construction" in the area but nothing ever materialized.

I'm tempted to drop AT&T phone and DSL and just get a Internet+Voice package from Comcast and keep DirecTV.