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Fremont, OH
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Re: Nationalize All Communication Companies

TWC has had the line sharing system since the TW/AOL merger. TWC has several options across its network as a whole for HSI networks. There are several wholesale HSI companies that will give you access to become your own cable HSI provider. Comcast also does this with ELink in maybe 5 markets. D3 didn't stop this, except allows it to go on as it has for years. But yes, TWC owns and operates the actual network and then the ISPs "cross-connect" into the actual network at the peering points/data centers in each state/market.

AT&T also built their advanced network. Anyone was and able to obtain fiber Internet connections and still can today. They didn't say they would be affordable for everyone to purchase one. And now they have U-Verse. So as far as a court would see it; their promises were met. The same as VZ/GTE in PA. Which is why people who think munis are the great thing for FTTH aren't really looking hard for fiber access as Comcast, and TWC and every other MSO will sell you GigE ad Fiber connections today in all markets. You don't need a local gov't doing that and looking through your data or raising taxes after the project implodes. Which is why Muni companies are never a success. They actually are the opposite. Especially with raising content prices and ongoing costs. They're never able to fully make any money, as they charge "break even" or below what they pay. Which is why federal laws are pending to stop them.