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united state

Service Electric, PTD

So I pay my cable tv and internet bill to service electric. I'm trying to understand why I have to go to Service Electric regarding data usage? I get a lousy 100GB data cap. PTD is a part of the Netflix Open Connect Content Delivery Network so I can stream the new super hd 3d stuff. Service Electric tells me not to use Netflix and to use their more expensive pay by the movie on demand service. I am so tired of this run around. I call PTD and they tell me to call Service Electric but PTD is the one that is linked to the content delivery network. Trust me. If we had another broadband provider here in Tamaqua, I would be gone in a heart beat. I pay roughly $130 a month for tv and internet. I called to see how much my bill would go down if I cancelled the internet and the lady told me that the internet part only makes up about $20 of my bill. I laughed and rolled my eyes at that. For $110 I could get more tv at one of the dish providers.

I'm just ranting.

Unhappy Cust
Theyre doing for extra money. It's a total ripoff. Service Electric has the nerve to cap there slow internet service. They are years behind the other cable companies as far as channel lineup and internet speeds. I'm a Sr. Field Technician for a big cable company in NJ and our slowest internet is 15 down and 2 up for about $35 per month but for $10 more you can get Boost+ which is 50 down and 8 up without any data caps. GET WITH IT SERVICE ELECTRIC!