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Brooklyn, NY

SB5120 keep disconnect and offline?

i have use my own motorola sb5120 for couple years, and just starting last sat, the modem keep disconnect. I seldom have this issue, even if previously if i have this issue, i just unplug the power and reboot will be fine.

But this time doesn't work, so i call TWC support and the tech guy ask me to unplug the coaxial cable first and then unplug the power, and this work.

OK next morning (sunday) it show disconnect when i wakeup, and i try to do unplug coaxial and unplug power, and it work..... for about 20 minutes and then it disconnect. When i call twc support they say my modem is offline and they can't do anything?

Then they say they need to send a service guy to check, i don't wanna wait for couple day, so i just pickup the rca modem fr their service center for now. It work.

But i don't wanna pay monthly rental, are there any reliable modem i can get myself, is do TWC have upgrade something so my sb5120 doesn't work anymore?

Andy reliable modem i can/should get ??
(i am in ny, brooklyn area).
Also its seem the rca modem are abit slower than my sb5120, i think i used to get about 1.7mb dl and now only 1.4mb.

Sounds like the modem's tuner was dying or you may have a weak signal issue that the rca modem is better couping with at the moment. Post your signal levels at », look for the receive power level, transit and SNR.

Motorola tends to make good modems still, I would get the sb6141.



Brooklyn, NY
Yes get the SB6141 but go for the white retail version as it has newer firmware.