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M-Card activation fails - Hauppauge WinTV DCR-2650 WOW

I am a newbie so I hope this is the correct forum. If not any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
WOW Tech was unable to get Hauppauge WinTV DCR-2650 to activate. Summary Status is "Authentication and OOB Lock -successful. Activation - none, Tuner 0 and 1 Channel - none".
My provider WOW was formerly Knology in Huntsville AL. The Tech had successfully installed TiVo but no experience with Hauppauge. WMC recognizes the card being present but cannot find any channels.


Columbus, OH
·WOW Internet and..

Have them recheck the authorized channels for the card. I just upgraded one of my TivoHD's (had 2 single stream cable cards in it) to a newer Premiere. I stopped by the local WoW service center and they gave me a multi-stream card for it, but once it was installed and paired, I couldn't receive any channels. They dispatched a tech that showed up and told me he thought it was fixed before he showed up, and when I did I was able to get all of the channels I am paying for. It sounds as if, like me, they haven't authorized the channels for that card yet.
and the hits just keep on coming.........



Hey thanks for the suggestion. Talked with my Tech and he says they show my channels are authorized. I will continue to check this through their system to be sure we and WOW are on the same page.



Do you have a Tuning Adapter installed with the TA service from the Haupp... site? I required this on Time Warner cable.