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Montreal, QC
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Re: PoE vs Bridge vs ??

"Power over Ethernet" is a standard for pumping extra electricity into an ethernet cable with the goal of providing power to a device at the other end of that cable. As cybersaga mentions, you seem to be talking about powerline networking, the most common protocol of which is HomePlug AV.

The simplest solution may be to use a HomePlug AV wifi access point, something like this:


The kit comes with two devices, one is a simple ethernet-to-powerline bridge that connects to your broadband router. The other device is a standalone wifi access point that you place near your television so that all your home theater equipment connects to that.

There may be cheaper models out there, this is just the first one I looked for. I would suggest using HomePlug AV 500 rather than 200; the real-world speeds are much lower than the rated speeds, and speeds degrade with distance/home wiring quality, so you want to go with the newer version (500) to ensure that you've got a stable connection that is fast enough. Even the 500 devices will only do 35 Mbps in some locations in the home, it seems. Here's a small roundup from a few years ago:

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