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reply to corster

Re: Internet Insurance Quoter is way off

said by corster:

I moved across the river to Quebec and am paying $800 a year. I know some of my friends in Toronto pay nearly that per month!

I'll move back to Ontario when I turn 25

Yeah Ontario rates are just insane. Makes no sense. Even MP's out there are screaming for change. *shrug*

But, on topic with Belair... Even here in Quebec Belair is the most expensive. I haven't bothered with them in even for a quote. I wrote them off long ago as gouging people.

@J E F F, at 91$/month, I hope that is a brand new car worth over 35K and with a couple of accidents under your belt. Otherwise, you might try shopping around (but since you're in Ontario, that could very well be the price for a 1976 Chevette)