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Dick W

Denver, CO

6rd only semi-working...

I just got a CenturyLink C1000Z (and 40/20 VDSL2+ service) and am trying to get 6rd working. I have set the modem up per their web page. It shows having an IPv6 address. It pings CenturyLink's IPv6 DNS with about a 75% packet loss. (That'd be the next problem if I got that far.) It can traceroute to ipv6.google.com.

The Win8 PC has IPv6 enabled. It has IPv6 connectivity on the LAN to the other Win7/Win8 machines. And it reports, via Network Status, No Internet IPv6 connectivity.

Any other troubleshooting thoughts? How is LAN to gateway address assignment supposed to work in this newfangled world? Is there a DHCP analog for IPv6?


Albuquerque, NM
When I had century link i had the same problem... Was told by CS the C1000A was the only modem that was 6rd capable. I turned the old one in and got the C1000a and problem was solved. I had to fight with customer service for three weeks to get the modem replaced though, so be prepared.

Dick W

Denver, CO

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The C1000Z is documented as supporting 6rd several places on CenturyLink's website and a brand new C version modem, but I suppose it would be par for the course if it still needs several yet-to-be-developed firmware updates to work as-documented. Since IPv6 is a want not a need and since I'm thinking of putting the C1000Z into transparent bridging and in front of an ASUS RT-AC66U, maybe it doesn't matter.

But it does get really close to working. The only issue seems to be that it doesn't assign itself a link local address or bring the LAN link up. I did get it reliably pinging ipv6.google.com from its GUI. So the WAN side seems to be working as expected.