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Could Verizon replace broken keystone jack?

I want to install two coax jacks and one telephone jack (RJ11 or RJ12, not RJ45). I want the coax jacks to be keystone so I can get a wall plate with label holders. If the phone jack is keystone too and it breaks and Verizon makes a service call, would they be able to put in a new keystone jack? If not, I'll probably use two separate plates and a non-keystone telephone jack.

I'm also wondering whether phone companies in general could replace a broken keystone jack. I'm not sure there's a forum for that.


Spring Mills, PA
although they can likely replace a keystone jack, they likely don't carry them around on the service trucks (i could be wrong). i suggest just keeping a few spares around, they aren't that expensive.


reply to Borad
I'll be selling the apartment some day and I want to get it right for a future tenant who may not keep spares around. If he's stuck with a two gang low voltage bracket that has two coax jacks and one telephone jack and the phone company can't replace the keystone telephone jack then things will get messy. But having a single gang keystone jack for coax next to a single gang standard telephone jack doesn't look as nice and is kind of weird.

Milford, NH
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reply to Borad
Assuming you live in the US, unless you have a maintenance contract inside wiring is your responsibility.

Since you are adding a couple of RJ6 coax jacks just swap swap out the phone old jack and use a three-hole single gang plate. Of all the things that might fail over time a bad jack is pretty low on my list of concerns.



I e-mailed Verizon to ask whether they could replace a keystone phone jack. Two days later they replied:

"We only install RJ11 phone jacks. If you need Verizon to do this work the fee is $95.00 which can be split into 2 installments of $47.50."

If they don't know what "keystone" is, they should look it up or ask someone before answering a question about it. I'll install a conventional phone jack next to the keystone coax jack. I don't want a future tenant to end up with an additional jack where it doesn't fit because Verizon can't replace a keystone jack.