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Bossier City, LA

[Speed] Slow speeds starting around 7 PM for past few days...

Like quite a few others in here, my 50/3 speeds are going down to about 3/2 intermittently starting around 7 PM (northwest Louisiana). In the early morning and during the day, they'll be back to normal again.

Is there some kind of Suddenlink maintenance or issue going on recently? I've been pretty pleased with Suddenlink for the couple of years that I've had the service and this is the first time the service has been this consistently poor.



Clovis, NM

Necessary rant so you don't get messed around like me.

Rant is necessary for you to understand what WILL happen
Not get pushed around
Not spend well over $3000.00 like we did on UNNECESSARY, NOT BROKEN, EQUIPMENT

What is your definition of intermittent, because that may not be the same definition they have.
And they DO have several different definitions of intermittent amongst themselves.

Pay the 5 bux for the protection plan because at 50 bux a Tech visit x 10+visits (would have been more than 20+) if we didn't get a sticker shock the first+second time for THEIR issue they don't know about yet.

RAISE A STINK its the only way to get "bucket trucks" and a triple team to come out and NOT FIX YOUR ISSUE or EVEN KNOW WHATS GOING ON.
More of the same ol lets guess and swap parts.

Car Technicians know whats going on with a couple diagnostic tests
Car Mechanics are just Trained Monkeys/PART SWAPPERS, BOLT TURNERS and work from one guess to another.

Don't accept "I don't know and don't have the ability to find out exactly what happened" for an answer.

Don't accept "We don't have the ability of knowing what happened"

Have them prove to you whats broken and why and bring in the SAME part to prove its broke and will fix it.
Don't accept it when a tech comes out and blames stuff on your equipment/wiring
3 routers, 2 not causing issues with phone at other locations.
12 different cordless phone devices (7 working fine given to friends under condition they let me know if it messes up their Phone/Internet issues rest just sitting in a bin probably fine)
Countless phone cords
Countless ethernet cords,

ALL ON THE CUSTOMERS DIME (still have receipts for them all)

I am glad i pay the rental fee (used to be rent to own under COX) we replaced the Owned Toshiba rent to own with the Arris telephony rent only.
If i had all the cable modems in the bin, I would throw all 7+ cable modems through their window if i owned them.

Call every hour on the hour for as long as necessary, ask to talk to a supervisor and do NOT give them the ability to ignore you and NOT call you back, and do not let them put you on hold to "get a hold of the supervisor who is on the phone already" and really handle another call (I.E do not let them put you on hold for more than 2 minutes at a time)

Lastly, Get a POINT Person
I just want a point person, preferably in the NOC room that can actually see my issues, know whats going on vs. "I don't know what might be causing that GUESSING it might be _____. and I will handle this case from now on (sure did not)

They will walk all over you for 2+ YEARS concerning your issue
They will waste your time, money, sanity even if you are a customer for 22+ years.
Not even a credit.
Thinking about it i want them to buy the the phones and routers I have Stashed in the SuddenDink bin.


reply to purduecoz

Re: [Speed] Slow speeds starting around 7 PM for past few days..

You might be seeing node congestion as people come home and fire up netflix. Keep calling SL until they fix.


Marietta, OH
reply to purduecoz
Keep calling... email.. all that fun stuff.. Why? It works!! Same issue in my town.. I called, emailed, got some help in here from approved support techs.. and one day, it was fixed.. Haven't slowed down at all now.. have been solid speeds 24/7 since sometime before summer last year.. Keep it up!! HOUND THEM!!