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Ajax, ON

[Internet] 2wire 2701 - speed issue

Hey guys,

I was at over my brother-in-law's mom's place over the course of last weekend and she had asked me to fix her problem with her internet.

The internet service they have is with Bell and the particular modem that they have is the 2Wire 2701 modem/wireless router combo.

The problem is that whenever she accesses the internet, another person in her household couldn't get any access to the internet - at all. The same story is true, why the person in the household can access the internet, she can't access it at the same time.

I've gathered research while I was there and there was a way on how to configure this modem in question in bridge mode, but it wasn't successful. Even with the other research you people had learned, I wasn't able to get a perfect result.

The reason that I want to turn this modem into "Bridge Mode" is that I want my brother-in-law's mom and her son to access the internet - all at the same time.

She called Bell to check on her internet and a technician came in to fix. Before that, she used to have a Sagemcom FAST 2864 connection hub that Bell supplied to her. They swapped that with a 2Wire modem that Bell provided to her.

They have a spare D-Link DI-624 Wireless G router that was lying around in their apartment. I've tried configuring that modem with the PPPoE login information that Bell provided, but it failed.

At the 2Wire, I've tried disabling the wireless functions, the DHCP function and the firewall there, but still no dice. I've also connecting the 2Wire with the DI-624 wireless router, but I wasn't able to get internet access at all - even with the proper settings.

What do you people suggest in this situation? Also, if you asked me to get a new wireless router (Wireless-N is now the standard), which particular router do you suggest?

These Are The Good Ol' Days.
GTA Canada
·Bell Fibe
Call Bell or post in the direct sounds like the modem is defective. If they had a Sagemcom previously there is no reason why they don't still have one.
My Canada includes Quebec.
Disclaimer: If I express an opinion, it is my own opinion, not that of Bell or its related companies.


Greenfield Park, QC
reply to simon726
Smells like a defective power supply. I went through 3 power supplies (dc adapter) in 3 yrs w my 2wire modem.

Bell guy

For the 2wire modem, you want the flat 3wire power cord, the power adaptor with the round wire causes problems and should be replaced, if you have the round wire, any BTS tech should have one or two spare adapters in the truck.