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Re: [XPPro] Need Hardware & Driver Help

As to problem #2, first check out your power supply. Is it large enough for the build? Is it failing?

Do you have a way to test the voltage output on it? If so, do so. You should be getting 12v + or - a fraction on all the 12v rails. Go online to Google how to test that with a multimeter or simply remove the present power supply and replace it with a known good one for now in this build.

If you are feeling brave, you might want to unplug the power supply, discharge any power from it, and only then remove the cover off the power supply to visually inspect it without touching anything. Look for any white stuff on the capacitors that might be leaking or building up. That's the sign of a dying power supply.

If the PSU is going bad, discard it and replace it with a new one or a different "known good" one.

If the PSU is large enough and not failing report back and we can move to the next step.