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ATI card with blown capacitator!

Hi, I am a NON gamer as in I never play any PC games. And therefore I am happy with the results I get from an onboard video.
I use WIN7, Haiku and Linux.
I bought an ATI Radeon x1950, 256meg for £1.00 ( US$1.50 ) at a Boot sale. The card peaked my interest because of the cooling system. The original fan had been replaced with a large silent cooling fin arrangement made by Colorpower.
I installed it in one of my comps and everything went perfect, the improvement to what I saw on the screen was very noticeable.
I then uninstalled it and removed the Colorpower .
I cleaned the old Thermal paste and renewed with Artic.
Whilst doing this I noticed a capacitator was blown.
So my question is, although I am having no problems with the card will it be worth my replacing the blown cap ? If I replace it will this stress the others resulting in more blown caps?
Thanks for reading any advice as always gratefully appreciated.


Stanwood, MI
·Frontier Communi..
In most cases the amount of capacitance in the caps goes down over time so they typically take that into account when speccing parts.

If you are not having any issues I would go ahead and use the card.

You may or may not have issues in the future.

Considering you got the card for a pound note. I would not worry too much about it failing in the future. If the card does go, it is unlikely to take the rest of the machine with it. It will simply stop working and you will need to find a replacement.


Ok! thank you.