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Lexington, KY

[DISH] Go wireless or use ethernet

Why worry about the cables? I have basically a GigE home network. My modem is a Comtrend 5374 Wireless N, with wireless disabled, and I plug my Linksys E3200 into the GigE port. I have 4 gigabit switches- 3 Linksys and 1 Cisco.

I have 2 Hoppers and 2 Joeys, all plugged into my home network via ethernet. The Hoppers, of course, require coax from the dish. The Joeys are plugged into my network via ethernet only, no coax. They work flawlessly.

I know of another situation where the Joeys are using wireless only, the Hopper is plugged into a switch via ethernet. Initially, he was using a G router and there were a few issues. After he switched to wireless N, including adaptors, issues gone. Works flawlessly.

I am not sure what Dish's position on this type of setup is but my experience is that it's the only way to go. When AC is finalized and the adaptors are available it will only be better! If my home network wasn't already in place, I would have no hesitation about going wireless, even from the Hoppers to the network. Remember, the Hopper has to have cable from the dish.