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[DSL] unable to log in

i have an issue, again. i am not able to log in to my account, like they are rejecting my logon. i cant even check dslx email. i am not able to do so on the pc at home nor with my laptop on the road. if i cant log in, i cant pay my bill. and i dont wanna hear to call in and pay by phone because thats stupid. who ever signed up to an online account and was never able to log back on in and had to call instead? i do not have issues with att wireless, chase, gmail, nor sallie mae. and last time it magically started working...just in time for me to be late on payment...maybe a cheap way of suckering some late fees?

i am tired of hearing the same mumbo jumbo when i call in "...turn off the modem, turn on the modem...we see no problem on our end...will switch you to a better line...its not us its on the att end..." ect.

so if i cant log in, i cant pay my bill. period. hopefully theres an answer as to why dslx is rejecting my logon again.

Chatsworth, CA
If you're unable to log in both at home and at remote locations, that means there's a problem with your credentials. Send me an IM with your account info (you'll need to register for this site first; it's free).


Temple City, CA
"problem with your credentials"

please explain what these are.


Terre Haute, IN
He's talking about your username and password.