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Lexington Park, MD

short sighted

not hearing the case is incredibly short sighted and only contributes to the idea that the social contract that each citizen has with the united states of america is irrelevant.
i am not talking about guilt or innocence just the given idea that we tell our children that the system we all agree to is fair and when we have been wronged we have a forum to redress grievances. I tell my children as us citizens we have rights and if we are mistreated or wronged we have a system with laws that protect our rights to say that the emperor has no clothes on.

the supreme court is the final determination and as citizens of the united states we agree to that.

the system has failed all of us with regard to this case, it does not matter where you stand and what your opinion is, this is bad for all of us. this issue effects everyone and not hearing it leaves a whole segment of the population with the idea that it doesnt matter what is fair. it does not matter what is right and wrong because if it is wrong they wont be heard.

if they would have just heard the case and decided i could dismiss my opinion and agree to follow the decision. not hearing it makes me believe in my opinion and even more because the idea that the little person is important and the little person does matter is gone.

should it be legal for anyone to just send out mass letters with the threat that they will sue and demand money? this is not the only group to do this. who is protecting the rights of the little guy? who and where do we go to get justice?

“I worry about you and me, Judge Wilkins. I swear to God I do, ’cause if this country gets ruined… it’ll be ruined by people like you and me. This is a territory of unimportant people; most folks around here can’t even write their name. You and me… we’re the important people. Trouble is, there’s not enough of us important people to go around – we’re spread thin, so sometimes, important things get ignored or don’t get said. Like… take care of the little feller; see to it that he don’t get ignored or cheated or insulted; make sure that his dignity does not get trampled on. Now you’re feelin’ bad right now, and by God, you ought to… seein’ as what just happened to a decent man. Myrl Redding did not fail the law…the law failed Myrl.” -john goodman the jack bull

great movie and an incredible representation of what is happening to the united states.