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Ignore Button. The coward's feature.
Mentor, OH

IMO, people need to stop buying music.

Stop supporting the RIAA, and stop buying music. Unless the artist states that they are not RIAA members.
Or buy second hand CDs from shops and rip then into MP3s for the devices you use.
Until the RIAA takes a hit to their wallet, they will continue their strong arm tactics.

Just like people that complain about a certain game company, but continue to buy it's games.
Things wont change, until you hit them in their wallet.
Is a person a failure for doing nothing? Or is he a failure for trying, and not succeeding at what he is attempting to do? What did you fail at today?.

I start new work on
Granite City, IL
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hell, do better than that. Get stationripper/streamripper and atube catcher.

Pretty much free software for free music shout cast streams send out. That's how I get mine, commercials and all. I strip the commercials off the song beginning or end and poof MP3 copy for me!

Anyone who knows about "Vevo" on youtube knows them very well. Simply copy the link into atube catcher, select the encoding you want and sit back, be amazed!
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