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Victoria, BC

I think its pretty high.

How much is this person making? 30 or 40k a year? Minus taxes. You're probably looking 7-8 years of take home income to pay a fine like that. That's a long time. It's a huge sentence.

I think the sentence far outweighs the crime. Here in Canada they amended our copyright act last year and maximum fine for all offenses is $5000.

I think the punishment far outweighs the crime. Out of all the laws we have, drug dealing, murder, kidnapping, etc... how far up the ladder does piracy really go. In my own line of moral ethics I put it closer to shoplifting than I do anything that deserves a 7 year sentence.

I guess its tough for the government. Hollywood is a huge industry in the US and generates huge megawads of cash/taxes. You can understand why they want to protect it.

On the other hand you have crime which i consider to be a misdeamenour being treated like its involuntary manslaughter or something.


Which Is why i Stated making Hollywood prove they suffered Financial hardship would ease the strain these bogus cases take on the Judicial system and save the room and resources for something more important and serious.