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Central City, PA

5341 vs 5341J

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I read in this forum that if you're going to get a Zoom modem, don't get anything but a 5341J. Avoid the plain old 5341 whatever you do.

I've had a 5341 for several years and am getting excellent performance. I'm on the Blast 50/10 plan and offer the above graphics as evidence of my service experience.

I would like to hear any solid reasons why I should get a new 5341J. What would I gain? 50/10 is 50/10 and you get what you pay for.

Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
There is nothing wrong with the older Zoom 5341, however, keep in mind that it is a 4x4 D3 modem whereas the newer 5341J is an 8x4 model.

Why would anyone buy a new modem that has only 4 bonded downstream channels versus 8?

Should you buy a new modem?

Not necessarily. Yes, in some circumstances having the 8 downstream channels can be a factor in more consistent downstream performance, but as long as your service is solid, there is no compelling reason to change.

Not at all denigrating the 5341, just would not recommend it to a current buyer. Much the same as I would no longer recommend the Motorola SB6121 now that the SB6141 is available.
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West Palm Beach, FL
reply to mike34
The 5341j has replaced the older 5341 model. So there is really no choice anymore for the Zoom modems, as far as buying new goes.


Murfreesboro, TN
reply to mike34
I also have a 5341 that I bought in 2011 and it's pretty solid as far as data transfer goes but it has locked up more than a few times throughout its life, mostly while trying to upload. That hasn't been a huge problem but I'm slightly concerned about that so I'm currently chatting with their support about that to get it worked on before warranty ends.

I'm not at home so I don't have access to screenshots but my config is currently d11_m_5341_widebandblast_c01.cm and in my area I get 4 channels down and 3 channels up. When I speed test I get 62/17 and I'm on the 50/10 plan that was given a 15% speed increase in my area sometime within the past one or two years so that's probably why it's that fast.

I think the only reason to upgrade would be to get more than the rated speed (172Mbps) but can these actually even get 172Mbps? Years ago (late-90's) I had to upgrade a Toshiba DOCSIS1 modem because it couldn't do something like 3Mbps after Comcast had upped the speed from 1.5Mbps; DOCSIS1 should theoretically be able to do ~40Mbps according to wikipedia. Maybe that modem just sucked.
Zoom 5341

Central City, PA

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said by djoye:

I'm currently chatting with their support about that to get it worked on before warranty ends.

My very first 5341 would shut down due to overheating. It did run very hot and when I contacted support it was the first question they asked me. Hearing my affirmative reply they didn't ask any further questions and shipped me a replacement. This one has been running at a normal temperature for a couple years.

If you are dealing with Zoom support you're in good hands and will be more than happy with the outcome.