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Hazelwood, MO
reply to silbaco

Re: Jamie Thomas

Would you make that same statement to the other thousands of people that received the "settlement"?

If you would, then I am sure they would love to have you as a mouth piece for them to encourage people to just pay the extortion amount requested.

You break the law, you pay the fine.


Richmond, VA
Jamie is going to win at the end, the MIAA will never collect on her. And other people will continue to do this, in other countries which the MIAA has no influence. I personally pay for [movies] what I download (Movies, X-rated, Animation if on that company's site) because it takes money for them to create movies and I should pay for that BUT this war is over already and the MIAA and MPEG lost since the internet was commercialise. They CANNOT POLICE and enforce their policies planet wide. I guarantee North Korea, Sudan, Persia and others that are hosting these servers will not comply. Cut your loses or adapt. Because of actions like they did to her, I do not purchase any Music anymore. Besides you can simply copy the music stream from TV onto a capture agent or the same on the internet. And that is legal. What is not legal is sharing that with million of other people.