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Portland, OR
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Re: Can she pay $222,000? And what if she can't?

Your friend's a real prince. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face (or in this case, your ex). He could have made certain his kids were adequately provided for, made enough income to build up his retirement savings again etc. but no, it was more important to stick it to his ex.


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said by Papageno:

Your friend's a real prince. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face (or in this case, your ex). He could have made certain his kids were adequately provided for, made enough income to build up his retirement savings again etc. but no, it was more important to stick it to his ex.

Why are you guys (or girls) assuming the kids suffered as a result of this? from what it sounds like the wife got quite a bit of savings so more than enough to take care of the kids for a few years. Having been through a nasty divorce myself I can sympathize - the courts are biased towards women and they literally get everything - in my case we were married 5 years with only me working while she went to school (when she didn't sit on her ass playing video games), yet in the divorce she got all the savings *I* worked for and left me with nothing. No kids, no logical reason why she should get a single cent, no justice.

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Attleboro, MA

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reply to Papageno
I wouldn't be so quick to assume that the children suffered in this case. The family court systems are so farked up in this country that it very often leaves the noncustodial parent (usually the man) unable to support him/herself financially, even though the other parent can choose to live off the other one's income alone (in addition to their new partner's income). The formulas and logic behind child support are a broken mess, and lawmakers are afraid to touch it out of fear that they will be seen as not "thinking about the children."

I have seen it myself many times. A man works full-time and easily supports his family. He gets divorced and loses custody of the kids and is forced to pay a ridiculous amount in child support. He can't even afford to live on his own and has to move in with his parents, while the ex lives comfortably on his child support payments in addition to her own income and her new boyfriend's income. Oh, and to top it all off, she gets to claim the children on her income tax return resulting in thousands of dollars in reduced income tax. If the formulas used to calculate child support ensure that both parents pay a fair share, then why doesn't the noncustodial parent get to claim children as dependents on his or her income tax return?

I could go on and on, but it just pisses me off thinking about it. I don't even have kids and have never gone through it, but family courts ruin people's lives everyday, including the children's in many cases.
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Clinton Township, MI

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For a minute, I thought you were talking about how men are treated in Michigan but it appears to be a nationwide issue. Everything you said is so true. There are men who are scumbags and don't deserve the title as father much less dad, but there many many more who try to do the right thing only to have it used against us when we go into court for a child support review or reduction. They don't care that the other kids are in college and their support/tuition is funded by dad and step-mom. They don't care that all medical is provided by dad. They don't care that dad has paid for both of their cars, insurance and up keep. And they don't care that while doing so, dad will go without or live in a cardboard box to ensure his kids don't have to go without. Mom on the other hand will play the pity card as much as she can and the courts will continue to play along.

Dont Matter

Yea, Fellow Michigander here. Wayne County no less of course. Left an awesome career as a Semi-Automated Hydro-Electric Vehicle Maintenance Technician meaning a car wash btw lol for more money working for one of the oldest best known by name piano moving companies. Moving 1800s upright player pianos down and up hills into an unfinished home for too many living well by ripping others off I mean republicans lol. Next winter called back out during the divorce to take it back out since our owner gave out full lifetime money back repurchases to our Christian customers. was making at times almost 180.00 a week and one week we were swamped with deliveries purchasing used and having two stores the second not one delivery in 8 yrs sorta told me to burn it down long ago but so happy on Friday getting the biggest paycheck I'd ever received when the higher mgr asked me to come outside for a minute with him. The handed me my check. $75.00. FOTCUNT contacted my boss and basically scared him into giving them everything i made over 75.00 and I wasn't a deadbeat dad. in fact i rarely could see my son was shocked as hell last time I'd seen him we were out playing putt putt golf on his 13th bday all he wanted and at 17 his crack-whore egg-layer he called mom wouldn't let him use his car we bought and gave him to get to school and graduate since in Mich at least Wayne county the court continues taking my wages as long as hes enrolled in school up until he is 19 1/2 and he called us begging for help. she was dealing drugs even her mom was into it not saying I'm an angel but he never once received his bday Christmas or any gifts or money nothing since the email Addy's she was giving me i was sending them through were just ones she made up for herself he knew nothing of them. He thought I was the bad guy. Also I had no clue even who or what that 6'4+ 300lb+ dude was or why he just almost ripped my door outta the frame. The only one thing since she knew me and I never make or take a threat and always regardless keep my word but in this case she did what I told her and never told me who his father really is. Know one of two but not adding more problems on as he stayed with my parents for a yr while attending school. Dad got him a sweet Ford Explorer. Popo called him said pick it up at the impound. Boy let two friends use it to purchase couple lbs bud with it and they were only 16. We just sorta arrived and left with it they weren't interested in stopping us. The magic of a Smith n Wesson 500 lol. Dad looking around asked whats this battery doing in the back by the hatch. 6 Cell sealed. told him to go find the radio for me
he couldn't. so cracked the code and a 10K system had been installed in that truck. showed him the mega cable under the hood and secondary alternator even being 190 amps i believe. son showed up at my house in the truck asked him if he remembered my Smokey Joe grill said no forgot bring it next day or two. next day the SUV was in Dads driveway he was left a msg once dad did some looking around and making calls. He hasn't and knowing us as he and his mother do won't return to Mich ever. just to make it clear when learning she and her hubby ex hubby ex again were going up wayyy up into Canadia where Canadians live lol to the Indian resort they were before i learned of how this was ending oddly enough heading up on that what 401 or Death Alley while he was driving sorta lost his head when a 35 ft cabin cruiser somehow hmm and its trailer dc'd and damn chains broke too so sorta slid over the hood and down off the trunk back on the road. Sorta made a mess in the middle too tho. Well fuck it. I only have one rule and its the same for all of us here. Actually there are 3 but made em all the same cause sometimes only way to fix Stoopid is to go Boating!!! so DO NOT FUCK WITH ME OR MINE AND THAT INCLUDES MY FRIENDS. Thats simple I think. Brightest Blessings!!! Peace all .


Clinton Township, MI
If you live in the area, what stops you from seeing him? Even if she has legal physical custody, you still have a say in his life and not sure about Wayne County but in Macomb, there are 16th circuit court parental time rules. If she's not letting you see your son, you don't need a lawyer, you need to take her to court. All that matters is, your son will see you trying to be a dad and how mother is trying to keep him apart from you. In the end, how you look in his eyes is all that should matter. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone else.