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Re: PoE vs Bridge vs ??

said by Guspaz:

said by d4m1r:

Thanks but this is all limited by my internet anyway. I've got a 45/4 connection so what difference would have 500mbps vs 200mbps made? The only downside is that the adapters are 100mbps and NOT gigabit like the rest of my network. But in terms of adapters->router (internal network), 200mbps is plenty because my external connection is a quarter of that.

That's the maximum theoretical PHY rate, which is nowhere near what they deliver in the real world. In practice, the 200 meg adapters are likely to deliver 35-45 mbps. In other words, slower than your internet connection.

If you had wanted to be able to get 45/4 through the powerlines, you'd need to have bought the 500 meg units.

Ah, that clears it up....Well, I guess an easy way to test would be to plug in the hardwire into a laptop downstairs and do a speed test. If it gets a reasonable portion of my total speed I'll keep em, if not, looks like I'll have to go the 500meg route...
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