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Bluffton, SC
·Hargray Cable
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Re: The United States..

said by elray:

said by Simba7:

..will never see it.. Ever. If ISP's can charge $40/mo for a 768k connection, getting these speeds for that price will never happen.


There isn't comp in the lower end the ISP's simply say this is the minim price we will take and don't care how slow you'll be happy with. Let's say the bottom tier of an ISP is 5 megs down for $40. They simply won't give anyone a 1 meg down line for less than $40, like a restaurant there is a minim you need to spend for them to want you as a customer.

With the exception of those who choose to live in the middle of nowhere, there will continue to be competitive pressures forcing continual improvement in wired price:performance.

Those who live in underserved locations will benefit as well, as more wireless options become available.