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Is it possible to get low pings with Double Play?

Finally getting my FIOS install done this week. I've read on the forums, that for low pings I need to avoid coax cable. I'm getting FIOS specifically for gaming, and low ping times are extremely important for me.

Can I ask the tech to hook up ONT directly to my router, without using a coax, or is it not possible, because I'm also getting the TV package?


·Verizon FiOS

My results ^

with coax you would see about 5-7 more MS.
And if the tech does not want to do it when doing installation you can go to verizon chat that is what I did and it worked.

Warwick, RI
reply to Gamer001
Your best bet is to have the cat5 already in place from where the ONT is likely to be running to where the router will be. Ask the tech to terminate the cat5 and use it for the router's WAN connection.

Suppose the tech can't or won't hook up cat5, the next best thing is to have the cat5 in place and ask the tech to terminate the ends (if it is not already done). As patt2k has said, you can get the WAN connection switched over later.

There's a chance the tech will locate the ONT in a different place than you thought it might be. You'll want to verify at the beginning of the install where he will place it. While he's running the fiber, etc., you can run the cat5, then follow suggestions above.

Or you may get a tech who is sympathetic to your quest for low pings. He may run and connect the cat5 for you. But your best bet is to have it in place when he's ready to go live on the router.

It's the luck of the draw. You may get a guy (or gal) who digs the technology, or you may get a hookup drone who follows the book.

The book says coax WAN. For some techs, the book is mythical. Who needs a book anyway?

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West Chester, PA
reply to Gamer001
said by Gamer001 :

Can I ask the tech to hook up ONT directly to my router, without using a coax, or is it not possible, because I'm also getting the TV package?

Do you mean the FIOS supplied router, or are you planning to provide your own third-party router?

The tech will not connect to a third-party router as primary if you have FIOS-TV. The guide data and VOD will not function without the FIOS supplied router connected in the mix somewhere. You can review your options for using your own router here:
»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »What are the tradeoffs between the various router configurations
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Yes, I mean FIOS supplied router.

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Sugar Land, TX
reply to Gamer001

This is what I get on FIOS connected via coax.
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