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reply to Wolfie00

Re: Peterborough residents clamp down on driving & cell phones

said by Wolfie00:

said by OverrRyde:

I find driving while using your cell phone far worse that the guy threatening to kill him or to do bodily harm.

In that case, I highly recommend that you, personally, not drive while using your cell phone.

said by koira:

we need more of this, despite the laws in place these phone abusers are everywhere

And what we need less of, is more silly threads on the alleged perils of cell phones in cars. We've already had at least two, probably more.

I suggest that as soon as the do-gooder vigilantes here have achieved 40 years of totally accident-free driving as I have -- in mostly busy urban areas -- then they can feel free to start a thread about how to drive safely. Otherwise, kids, keeps your eyes on the road, your cellphones in your pockets, and your business of your own minding.

ok I will qualify my rant having lived on the west side of the COTU * all my life and have 40 years of wreck free as well. I don't phone or text when driving.
* COTU(r) = center of the universe (R) 2013 snafu