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Mississauga, ON

[DSL] Home network (noob) questions

I've been with Rogers for years, and after giving them a chance to match the pricing my neighbours are getting, they aren't even going to try. So I am giving my business to TSI, and I am giving Rogers the finger!

I have been doing quite a bit of reading on the forum but I still have a few lingering noob questions that I'm hoping you can answer for me. I have a TP-8816 modem/router and a DLink DIR-825 router, and I plan to pick up a Cisco SPA112 or SPA122 (not sure which yet) to go along with TekTalk voip service.

    •What is DMT or OrbMT? Do I really need it?
    •Since I have a decent router, should I swap my TP-8816 modem/router for a TP-8616 modem?
    •For voip, SPA112 or SPA122? Is there a better ATA that I should be looking for?
    •For network architecture, should the order be line to modem to ATA to router, or line to modem to router to ATA?

Thanks in advance for any answers.



Never heard of DMT/OrbMT, so I'll answer the rest...

Best to use your own router and a plain modem, but if you get a modem/router you should in most cases be able to put it into bridge mode and use it as a modem.

I've heard good things about the Obi ATAs, think the Cisco ones are discontinued or something.



London, ON
reply to zeroreality

I have the 8816 as well and used for TSI DSL for a year and half. It only has one LAN port, so regardless you need another router or switch. It works perfectly in bridge mode. But for 15/10 and 25/10 youll need a different modem.


Mississauga, ON

Thanks for the replies, I'll check out Obi ATAs. You can't buy VDSL modems yet, but once you can I will probably upgrade to the 25/10 package.

I've seen the terms DMT and OrbMT (maybe it was OrMT) used when hardcore guys are doing diagnostics of some kind.

Montreal, QC
reply to zeroreality

DMT/OrbMT are software tools (the MT stands for Modem Tool) for getting your line stats from the modem. They were popular back in the day when modems would provide line stats via telnet, but not the web UI. They provided a visual representation of the spectrum (google "DMT modem tool" for an image search to see what I mean) that could be useful for diagnosing issues.

They've largely fallen out of favour because neither of them have been updated in half a decade, and as a result they don't support newer modems. For some reason, all these tools seem to come from Germany.

Fun fact: I once wrote a proxy that would act like a fake ST516 modem while gathering the data from 2wire modems, which DMT didn't support. Never really finished it (like, it wasn't all that stable, and didn't map all the available data like the SNR graph), but it was still fun (this is a screenshot of DMT talking to my proxy):

Developer: Tomato/MLPPP, Linux/MLPPP, etc »fixppp.org


Kitchener, ON
reply to zeroreality

1) You dont need DMT or orbMT, they are diagnostic tools to measure line stats. you may be told to grab them if it turns out you have a crappy line.

2) sure, makes no difference really though

3) nope stick with those's ata's

4) either way will work if configured correctly. normally for properness you want modem -> router - > ata



Mississauga, ON
reply to zeroreality

Thanks for the info gents!


reply to zeroreality

you should try to get the 15/10 (or any 10mbit upload package) if its available in your area. You'll have better VoIP peformance. The downside is you need to get a new VDSL modem


Mississauga, ON

I can't buy a VDSL modem yet; only rent. My VOIP service with Rogers works fine and it runs over 684kbps upload.