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Huges vs. DirecTV

I'm moving to a rural area, serviced by Satellite only. There will be a DirecTV satellite dish on the roof when I move in; not sure if the Modem will be left or not.

From what I can tell there is not much difference between Hughes and DirecTV. I can't get Excede/Wild Blue because I'm outside the service area.

My main concern is data caps. I have heard that:

A. 1GB can be purchased for $10;
B. there is no late night free zone; and
C. there is no unlimited plan for any price

Its after hours now, so I can't call DirecTV. Is there a link to DirecTV's discussion of what they offer? I want interent only, not TV.

I assume that there are not other options near Bangor, CA. There is a service called Digital Path, but they say they can't provide service because I lack line of sight.

One More Too

Galena, IL
DIRECTV does not provide internet access. They only provide TV service via satellite.

For internet service, the two main choices for residential grade service are Hughes and Wild Blue/Exede.

Reno, NV
One More Too is correct since he used to have Hughes and I still do, this means that you will have to get another dish mounted for satellite.

One More Too

Galena, IL
reply to One More Too
Adding to what I said above, previously, DIRECTV was offering its service bundled with WildBlue service. Now, I believe that DIRECTV service can be bundled with Hughes service. I believe that WildBlue/Exede can also be bundled with Dish Network TV programming.

West Mich.

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reply to david95448
I have both Directv and Hughesnet.
Directv as stated by others here does not directly offer internet service. Just bundled billing.

It will require separate dishes for Internet and DTV.

Think long and hard about signing up with Hughesnet.
Customer service is TERRIBLE, billing "errors" that border on being criminal.
Look into Exede as an alternative to Hughes. Coverage comes and goes based on load I hear.

Hughes Blues

With the old Hughesnet Pro plan @ $69.99/mo. I'm supposed to get up to Up to 200 kbps upload and up to 1 Mbps download , yet I'm only receiving 18 kbps up and .34 Mbps down depending on the weather and time of day. Sometimes it is completely unreliable/unusable. I'm a longtime customer and feel as though I'm being taken advantage of. Their product/service offering is pathetic and their advertising is false.

They don't bother to tell anyone upfront that they don't accelerate (compress) HTTPS traffic like shopping and banking so that's even slower (they bury that fact deeply somewhere in their site)! I've been a customer out of sheer necessity (I live way out in the sticks) for 7 years and will drop Hughesnet in a heartbeat once any viable alternative comes along! I've been thinking about registering the domain name, HughesnetSucks.com (if it's not already taken) to document the truth of what I'm writing here and more.

So, for the nearly $6K in fees I've paid during this time, they still regularly interrupt my service in the middle of a 1 hour HD YouTube video and I have to go buy restore tokens for $7 each on the network they just locked me out of. Yep, I'm limited to 1 decent hour of video a day by Hughesnet. Need I say more? This is a classic case of ripping off people who have no alternative.

If you have _any_ alternative to Hughesnet, take it!

said by Hughes Blues :

If you have _any_ alternative to Hughesnet, take it!

You have an alternative. You could try Exede.


Lyons, OR
OP stated he could not get WildBlue/Exede in his area......
People's experiences with both WildBlue and Hughesnet vary greatly.
For me, Hughesnet has been ok most of the time, and I'm satisfied with my Gen4 upgrade.
HT1000, Gen4, Power PLUS, Beam 10, Windows 7