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Fort Worth Charter

Kind People,

Look Im trying to love you but having a hard time. All week there has been connectivity issues with Charter I'm in Fort Worth 76179. Down between midnight and 9 AM. Modem shows all week even after restart DS light yellow.

Here's my speed test.

This is the top product Internet only service 100 bucks a month. Having a real hard time with this price against sketchy performance.

Here's a trace minutes ago no connectivity what so ever. Now working

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 0.353 ms 0.411 ms 0.513 ms
2 ( 11.028 ms 11.452 ms 11.667 ms
3 ( 15.761 ms 15.949 ms 16.170 ms
4 ( 20.264 ms 20.481 ms ( 19.939 ms
5 ( 20.902 ms 21.119 ms 21.336 ms
6 ( 20.533 ms 10.939 ms 11.218 ms
7 ( 15.580 ms ( 10.758 ms 10.944 ms
8 ( 15.063 ms 14.794 ms 15.253 ms
9 ( 16.049 ms 16.235 ms 16.455 ms
10 ( 19.663 ms 20.133 ms 19.841 ms

Today I'll change over to lowest speed I pay 100 a month for quality not this BS.


Rochester, MN
What speeds do you get on

» Charter Internet/TV Forum FAQ »10 steps to help others help you.

The Strangest Thing after I posted on here (top post) 10 minutes later - aftr 5 days of the intermitent up and down with continual yellow DS lite I witnessed an automatic reboot of my modem and for first time in 5 days the yellow DS lite went out. I assumed my post prompted a senior admin from Charter to fix, maybe not. So it's all pretty good now . I did a speed test last night speedtest.charter during prime traffic and received 18 mbps down and 4 up at this morning I'm flying
» ··· 7241.png

This connetion advertised speed is 100/5 I checked my plan. Don't think I've ever received half of that so not sure if there is a config problem there.

thanks for the help

The Ends Of Invention
Fort Worth, TX
reply to Harte
I'm in Fort Worth in the Meadowbrook area and I too have the 100/5 from Charter. I've had it for more than a year now and very seldom have had any problems. The last speed issue I had with them, they sent a tech out and he replaced the splitter and that fixed my speed problem. I have only internet service from them.
Here's a normal speed test result:
» ··· 6816.png
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Ridglea Hill
I am on 100 mbs package too but this past week I keep dropping connection. Been great for a year+.

reply to bkoeni1
Interesting I figured everyone was getting way below advertised although my upload seems pretty good. Appreciate the response gives me a different perspective on this.

reply to Ridglea Hill
» ··· 9967.png wow here is my 100 dollar connection tonight ... geeze

Ridglea hill
reply to Ridglea Hill
3 to 5 dispatch and at 528 they call bc they have GPS no laptop and lost. Wow.