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Spring, TX

[Speed Issues] New to Charter...some issues...slow upload speeds

New to Charter in North Houston area...service was awesome for the first 2 weeks with over 30Mbs down and 4-5Mbs upload. One day the internet goes down and have had intermittent problems since. Had appointment for Tech...they auto-canceled that appointment due to an "outage" with no notice...4 days later another hiccup and another appointment set and then auto-canceled (I called when no tech showed up). Speed Tests on this site and other show various download speeds between tests from 18Mbs upwards to 30+Mbs so no big issue there but the upload speed has not tested above 2.1Mbs since that day. Is this a normal upload or what should I be seeing?

I'm willing to overlook some issues I'm having as I'm using a router I bought a couple of years ago (that seems to be dropping it's connection to the modem) before I had Uverse for the last 3 years...replacement arriving today. Also my neighborhood has Charter but I was never aware so not sure how many people are actually using it.


Lawrenceville, GA

Re: [Speed Issues] New to Charter...some issues...slow upload sp

I usually get 4M up consistently, so I don't think that is normal.

I think your current experience has to do with whatever is causing outages in your area which also got your service calls canceled. I'd give it a few days and if it doesn't improve place another service call. Maybe the new router will also help.


reply to bige_53
First thing I'd do, if you haven't already, is try it without the router (note that you'll have to reboot the modem to reacquire the MAC ID of the computer).

And, assuming you have the typical 30/4 package then as mentioned ~2Mbps up isn't normal. I get slightly over 4Mbps up very consistently.