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Re: Can she pay $222,000? And what if she can't?

said by Papageno:

Your friend's a real prince. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face (or in this case, your ex). He could have made certain his kids were adequately provided for, made enough income to build up his retirement savings again etc. but no, it was more important to stick it to his ex.

Why are you guys (or girls) assuming the kids suffered as a result of this? from what it sounds like the wife got quite a bit of savings so more than enough to take care of the kids for a few years. Having been through a nasty divorce myself I can sympathize - the courts are biased towards women and they literally get everything - in my case we were married 5 years with only me working while she went to school (when she didn't sit on her ass playing video games), yet in the divorce she got all the savings *I* worked for and left me with nothing. No kids, no logical reason why she should get a single cent, no justice.