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Re: [TWC] TWC NYC (Manhattan) slow speeds during peak hours

Noticed the same thing in my Manhattan connection, drops below 2 Mbps. Worse between 8 and 11pm. I am not automated but keep a spreadsheet.
It has happened before, they will send someone, check the cables etc. then magically after a few days / weeks the download speed will increase to full speed. I assume the local node is overloaded by Roku boxes and Netflix watchers and hope that they add new hardware but am not sure if they just increase the priority of people that complain. I will start the complaint process in a week or two.


New York, NY
For me this is a first time thing. I noticed something off maybe 4-5 days ago, but didn't investigate until this past weekend. For me there is no time-of-day with normal service. It just started lagging. What I've determined with Broadband Speed Test is that I have fantastic download speed (often >22mbps and as high as 30mbps) but next to no upload speed (no greater than .05mbps and sometimes nothing registers at all). So I can stream content fine, but webpages and remote site admin is practically back to 56k dialup speeds. I compared my normal setup, through a DIR-655 router, with a straight-to-modem patch...same performance: great download, awful upload speeds. So I figured this is a TWC-RR issue and I came to the forum to see if others had the same problem. At first glance it seems I'm not the only one. I'm located on the East Side just below 14th Street, if that says anything to anybody? Tom

Rockaway Park, NY
sounds like u have upstream issue or there is upstream problem on the node.