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united state
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Re: Was this a good idea? (Superdrive related).

said by acadiel:

said by not quite right:

said by acadiel:

My only complaint when I did this with my MBP is now when I hook up the external DVD to play a DVD, DVD Player tells me there's not a supported SuperDrive attached. I have to use VLC.

Are you going through a USB hub? I've seen that type of flakey behavior if you don't hook up directly to the computer.

Nope, the DVD drive is hooked up as the OP did above.

My guess is that if I reload OS X without a DVD drive attached, it'll get around this problem. I'm going to yank DVD Player from my Mini's load over to the MBP to see if that is a simple work around.

Why would you EVER use the built in dvd player when you have VLC and MplayerX which have more codecs and video options? It's like using Windows Media Player when you better options on windows!