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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to biochemistry

Re: Such high prices!

I think a lot of people forget about the rural electrification act. Which strangely enough happened because of the same reason rural areas lack good broadband. the private power companies stated that rural areas were not profitable.

It should be noted that projects like Hoover Dam are at least partially linked to such bills, And they have repaid themselves.
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Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
You do realize that private companies can not enforce laws right? Hence the reasons that the gov't enforces the law.

And no the gov't should NOT be in business to compete. If those areas that can't get U-Verse of Fiber or any services that they think they need- they need to start their own Co-Op and build out themselves. How do you think many rural areas got phone services that AT&T didn't want to wire back then? Co-ops are still alive and doing well and many of them have FTTH and had it well before VZ and Google decided to deploy. I can give you links to many of them. Hell, many actually provide quality support as well and are local companies, compared to Google

Charlotte, NC
·Time Warner Cable
The power co-op or private power companies should start building FTTH networks. It might be wise to stay out of the content business and just provide the cable to the side of the house like they do with power. Let independent companies provide the content and the inside the house equipment.


Mineral Wells, TX
reply to TBBroadband
the problem here though, is AT&T and others prohibit community start ups or smaller companies from goin in and takeing rural areas... it wouldn't be a issue if the cable co's and others would be willing to take the rural areas... but no instead AT&T, Verizon and others have been taking tax payers money for the last 10 years to build the network and never did... Universal Service fund.. so once again it comes back to the government.. if your gonna stand up for the corps make sure they are doing the job and not just milkin something they will never touch


Middletown, CT
reply to TBBroadband
The problem with that idea is the fact that it ignores that it is the GOVERNMENT who has setup this system of non-competition to begin with! The government grants these companies "franchises" in a lot of areas which is more or less nothing than creating a government-sanctioned monopoly or duopoly. Joe Dirt from the down the street can't simply start stringing up or burying fiber all around town simply because he decides to do so. If government just GOT OUT OF THE WAY, there would be a hell of a lot more competition than we have today and prices would be a hell of a lot lower.