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New Albany, OH

Windows Home Server Remote Access

I have recently switched to WOW TV from Direct TV. As part of the change i am now using the WOW Ultra TV Gateway (as required for DVR functions). I have been having a couple problems with internet connectivity one of which is making a remote connection to my Windows Home Server using the Microsoft dynamic DNS service (ABC.Homeserver.com).

After a considerable amount of trouble shooting on my own (including lots of Google time) i have found this problem is rather common. I think i have tracked it down to the gateway UPNP function. The reason i think this is the case....after forcing the home server to renew / setup the remote access function everything works fine....for about 24-36 hrs then....nothing.....and repeat.....smh.

Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?

My current configuration:

WOW gateway -> LAN -> Linksys E2500 (bridge mode wifi access only) this is a work around for another problem i am having.....but thats another issues for another post.

I am posting this from work so i dont have anymore specific info in front of me...sorry


I guess the easiest would be to just poke holes via port forwarding and be done with it. Surely it should work as designed but raising your stress level till then wont do you any good .

I guess the other possible thing to do is set your gateway to dish static IPs if possible to your server.

Last option being ofcourse to add a second router to handle those functions and have the Mediacom be a "dumb" gateway.


New Albany, OH
Yep...those are the options that i have also come up with. Just hope'n . Thanks for the response!


New Albany, OH
Ok its been a few days and i have tried a couple things....

first i did forward the needed ports from Arris gateway to my WHS and waited. as expected a few days later no access, internal OR external. again this is WITH ports forwarded.

unpon further investigating i have found something odd with the DHCP table that i think might be contributing....

The DHCP table has multiple entries for a single device, also the IP addresses that are assigned are not sequential....odd....

My first attemp at fixing this was to assign static addresses to all the devices on my network...a couple days later, the same problem....ugh. NOTE this also effects the linksys E2500 in bridge mode (my attemt to fix the wireless problems).

can anyone help? i'm out of ideas....well i do have one more idea...so here goes, let me know what you think.

connect my linksys E2500 functioning as a router with DHCP enabled and the Arris gateway DMZ assigned to the E2500...IDK