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How to make WNDR3700 a bridge?

Basically I had uverse installed yesterday and the guy said he had to make my net gear router all the way on the other side of the house a bridge due to all the boxes needing separate IDs and he said he turned off the DCHP or something and everything was working and today we had a power outage and now everything hooked up to the netgear is on the network but no internet and everything connected to the att modem ( 3xboxes and 2 computers have Internet) I tried resetting everything and tried logging into the router with, and neither work all the lights are working like they were on the router before and ATT says the tech didnt put any notes in my account of him making it a bridge so they can't help me...so if someone could please help me that would be much appreciated!


united state
As a power user, the easiest thing for me would be to install dd-wrt and disable the Internet Connection. That solves everything really.

For the stock firmware, go to Advanced > Setup > LAN Setup > Uncheck "Use Router as DHCP Server"