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Xenia, OH

What's the point?

1) They throttle the crap out of Uverse. Got the 45 down and two of us couldn't even play Warcraft without randomly lagging out. If only one plays wow it was fine for extended periods. If 2 if us played we got crap service and lag out after a short bit. Had a 10Mbps cable modem at the same time. When I switched the router to the cable modem the two of use could play without lagging out. There is something to be said for advertising high speed then throttling so you can't use the advertised speed. Time Warner does the same with Youtube.

2) You don't get a drop of extra bandwidth for paying for premium. Whether you pay $19 or $100+ your only paying to run past your caps faster if you try to use that speed much at all.
A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the corporations discover that money can elect representatives to vote themselves a monopoly, buy media to blame 'The Godless' and forced price inflation on the public.