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Confused USG

Bangin my head on this one - USG50 with static client IP's

I've had my USG50 for several months now and did try and do diligence reading everything about it before posting this question.

I have many devices in my house, and I'm currently using the USG DHCP to assign them address in the 192.168.2.X / Subnet. The Zywall interface IP is Everything works great and life is good. All DHCP addresses start at and go upwards. (I reserve the first 50 addresses for static addresses)

Now, there are some devices that I would like to assign static IP addresses to. So, for these devices I will assign them static address, such as / with the gateway set to (same as in DHCP). And this is where I get my problem. On those devices with static IP's, they are not able to get internet access. However, they are able to see other machines on the network.

First and foremost, I'm not a network guy. I'm a dev guy, but I'm able to hack my way around most stuff. My naïve observation, it appears to be DNS. With my static IP, I can ping other machines on the network with their IP. However, when I ping DNS names on the internet (ex, I get errors saying that the name can't be resolved. I've tried this both on Mac and PC machines. I'm using the interface IP of the Zywall as my DNS name ( for these static IP clients. When that didn't work, I even tried using public DNS servers (Google's dns server), and still get the same response (ie nothing).

I don't know if somehow the DNS server in the Zywall is unreachable to clients with a static ip. I cannot ping the Zywall gateway ip ( All I get is a Request timeout. If I change from a Static IP to a DHCP assigned IP, then I can ping the Zywall gateway ( This has been frustrating for me. Can anyone give me some ideas on what I can go look for? It would be much appreciated.

Saint Petersburg, FL
Check your firewall rules – particularly
LAN1 to Zywall
LAN2 to Zywall
DMZ to Zywall
Jim Anderson

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Burlington, ON
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reply to Confused USG
As mentioned, check your firewall rules and check what DNS servers is DHCP handing out.
Also if you have IP-MAC binding enabled make sure you create entries for the static IPs as too in addition to dynamic IPs. Even better, turn the IP-MAC binding off completely.