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Ellicott City, MD

How to setup QOS for Actiontec and 2nd Access Point Router?

I received great direction from Morefiber and this article,
»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »Can I use my wireless or an extra router along with the Verizon provided router?, to help me set up my home wireless network by adding a second wireless router as an access point. The new (secondary) router is NetGear R6200, dual band simultaneous. I use the 5Ghz band for streaming to the home theater via a NetGear bridge setup there. I use the other 2.4 band for general wireless around the house, which includes an Logitech Boom internet radio. The secondary router is connected via ethernet to the primary router (Actiontec) with a static IP. The second router is set as an Access Point and passes all IP assignment duties to the primary Actiontec.

What I am experiencing is brief stops in music streams to the Logitech Boom radio, and also to the Logitech Receiver in the home theater. Longer delays than I experienced on the Actiontec itself at g speeds. To test the cause of the streaming delays (up to 15 seconds) on the suggestion of Logitech tech support (they have been very helpful), I set the the Netgear access point to g speed (54Mps) because per Logitech, it has a very basic radio and may have trouble negotiating a multi-speed b/g/n broadcast. Well, that did not stop the delays. They happen seemingly randomly.

Since the delays happen on both the 2.4g band and the 5g band, I am ruling out the wireless as a cause and thinking the internet side of the connection is being interrupted. I was thinking maybe my Kaspersky Pure AV, or who knows what. That points me to setting up QOS. I think I need to do this on the Actiontec router but want to confirm. Can you offer me suggestions on how to set up QOS with two routers, one primary and one an Access Point?