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North York, ON
reply to Nezmo

Re: [SU] iOS 6.1.3 is out

said by Nezmo:

said by donoreo:

said by Nezmo:

My phone, running 6.1.3 is sitting on the desk in front of me. Screen was off/locked. Without me touching it Siri came up and froze.

In general I've had Siri issues with 6x. I cannot get Siri to launch when the phone is connected to a dock connector in my car. But at least she launches on her own on my desk. LOL

I have Siri turned off. It is not any more useful in 6 than it was in 5.

You know, I never even thought about turning it off. Thanks for the reminder. I'll do that.

YW I turned it on and tried it out again after 6 came out. I will do it again when 7 comes out.
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