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Re: New service deals?

Thanks for the replies. Yeah, they do change fast! 3rd day I checked, and 3rd offer available. lol

I am going to call them tonight or tomorrow and try to get that original offer I saw. If that doesn't work, the offer today is pretty solid. thanks



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Tip: if the wait isn't too long, also try calling billing or support. CRS's generally earn more commission for a sale in those departments. When a customer calls in and says, I might have called the wrong department, but I am looking for new service, an alert CSR (should) be juggling every deal possible.


Lombard, IL
reply to clocks11
ALL, keep in mind that internet offers, or those found on the website are only found on the website. Those that are on TV, can usually be gotten both over the phone and on the internet. Those on the phone can only be gotten on the phone. Those gotten through a CSR, can only be gotten through a CSR. Those gotten through the Sales Dept are only available through the Sales Dept. Sales cannot pull up an internet offer, a CSR cannot pull up a Sales offer, each has their own offers, and can be only for a few hours, days, months. The reps have no idea, as it's all done by the sales and marketing teams behind the scenes. Also some offers are only available in specific areas, where COMCAST/XFINITY is trying to compete with U-VERSE, or FIOS. So that offer may not be available where those services are not offered. Also keep in mind that if you live in an area where U-VERSE/FIOS is offered, be sure to check your specific address to see if you can first off get U-VERSE/FIOS, and what of their "triple-play" you can get. Because depending on how far you are from their central office, you may be only able to get phone, or phone and internet but no TV. As the CSR's and Sales people can plug in your info, and call you bluff if you say well U-Verse is offering me a triple play for $99 for 12 months. Yes, again, they may have telephone, this or that type of rep deals. But a friend of mine tried it, and since they couldn't pull it up, they gave him an e-mail address and fax #, to send the offer over to them. Then only would they try to do something about matching it. Lastly these deals that are put together are all based on the numbers for a particular area, if Sales & Marketing, notice that lots of people are "cutting the cord" for TV and Phone, but keeping the internet. Then they start offering deals for Internet & TV, making it cheaper for 6 to 12 months, even if it's Basic Cable, or Digital Starter. All they need is to show that you have TV service on your account, to satisfy the investors, that they have XXX,XXXX amount of TV accounts in an area. Also if COMCAST/XIFINITY needs to run to the bank for some $, even though they offer phone & internet now, since they started out as TV, that's how the banks and investment world sees them, how many TV subscribers do you have.


That's not entirely true. (about different departments). Sometimes the offers are available, depending on area you call.